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Holiday / Seasonal: Brushkins

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From the Philippines

  • Lots of different animals and varieties - look for your mascot!
  • Christmas Nativity set available;
  • over 350 individual items;
  • displays available - 3' Christmas tree or pencil holder;
  • sustainable, adjustable, adorable.

Available as hanging ornaments, pencils, magnets, and stand-alone animals.

Brushkins are "rock stars" of the gift industry. Year after year these little guys deliver sales and happiness. And the great thing is they made from a renewable natural resource, from a megadiverse country and fair trade compliant (applied for membership in the Fair Trade Federation).

Brushkins are made in the Philippines from the fiber of the Buri (Escoba) palm tree. The fallen stems of the palm frond are soaked in water and beaten with a mallet. The brushed up fiber is then twisted onto a wire, with the resulting round brush being hand cut into the final shape. Many other hands work on dying, shaping and gluing parts to create our whimsical little animal friends and holiday accents. The eyes, ears, nose, feet, etc. are made from seeds, pods and carved wooden pieces, all natural and renewable.

This product is quite sturdy and is not damaged by handling and last for years if well kept. The wires in the middle of the animal can be bent to adjust the way the animal looks or stands.

Price List

Suggested retail price for ornaments is $6.50.

Suggested retail prices for figures range from $6 to $30, depending on size.

Price list (wholesale) and order form available on request.

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