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About: Credits

Like many ambitious enterprises, ours could not happen without help from a number of sources.

This Web Site

All of the images on our site are owned by somebody, but the following individuals and organizations were kind enough to give us permission to use their work:

  • Durham-based ParksWatch provided us with many excellent forest images, and a lizard, for use on our web site. Many thanks to Amanda Vanega who spent some of her valuable time helping us pick out images that were related to our areas of interest, and look for more of these images to show up on our site later. ParksWatch keeps an eye on protected park areas in Latin America -- their web site calls them "Amnesty International for Parks" -- and they have some truly beautiful images and good information on their own site,
  • Nevin Lash of Ursa International provided the image of "the gorilla of your dreams" that you can see in the header of all our pages. You know the one - the gorilla is eating something involving a stick. It's a wonderful image - thank you! Ursa International works on planning and building conservation/education facilities in national forests, parks, zoos, museums, aquariums, wildlife reserves, nature centers, and the like, worldwide. You can visit their web site at
  • Abi Rome also provided several lovely images, including the fiddlehead fern and red-and-yellow flower you see in our web page header, as well as some beautiful vista photos that we hope to include later. She is a writer and ecotourism consultant and is also on the board of The Forest Foundation.
  • The hanging Orangutan that appears in our site header image is from PhotoDisc, through Getty Images. It is licensed by Forests of the World for our use.
  • Thanks to Cara Forster, who was an intern at Forests of the World when she wrote some of the text for the web site.

Our Employees

We have to thank all our employees, interns from the universities in the Triangle, and volunteers who have helped out over the years. We especially want to thank those who really pitched in: Jamey, for his creative energy and engineering mind; Vann, who helped get our computers and web site up to a higher level; Nancy, whose customer service and politics were world class; LiLan, who worked long hours; Mary Katherine, who put up with a lot, including having a business and boss in her home; and our friend Bill, who has always been there when we needed extra hands, talented they are. We most certainly could not have done it with out you.

The list is long and we hope to include a small gallery of images soon.

Most in the list above were paid, and we have tried to pay what we have found to be a living wage for our area or better over the years. Many have deserved much more.

We hope that those of you who have worked for us will keep in touch, send us a note, an "I remember when" and continue to be a part of the Forests of the World family. Many of the times were tough, some funny but there have been moments when we really felt we made a difference. Moments when pride, patience and perseverance paid off. Those were precious moments.

Thanks to everyone for helping and sharing!

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