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Read below for an overview:

Bags and Hats

We feature several lines of handbags from several different communities: lively raffia bags and hats from Madagascar, sophisticated rattan and leather bags from Borneo, canaflecha and iraca hats and bags from Colombia, and toquilla bags and hats (some for men!) from Ecuador - original home of the "Panama" hat.

We also have unusual raffia pet totes from Madagascar


We are particularly proud of our bags and hats, so much so that we have an additional web site for them:

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Toys and Kits

From the Kanuku Mountain region of Guyana, we bring you colorful sets of hand-crafted balata rubber animals and people: a wonderful 40-piece Noah's Ark play set, chess sets, Christmas nativity scenes, and more.

Costa Rica sends us seed kits (Multi-Species Pack, single-species drift seeds, and Tropical Ecology Kit), as well as Rock Chalk, and Jungle Jacks.

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Furniture and Home Decor

Beautiful and functional, our Bolivian solid wood outdoor furniture is constructed of wood that is 100% sustainably harvested and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Pragmatists will appreciate our richly-colored storage chests (also in sets of 3) and square and rectangular hampers (also in sets of two: square and rectangular), all made in Madagascar of woven raffia.

We have an eclectic range of decorative items, from wildly colorful Mexican plaster and papier mâché birds, fish, and peppers, to graceful ivory-like Amazonian tagua nut animal figures.

For the truly adventurous, we have woven raffia ostriches and giraffes from Madagascar.

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Jewelry and Ornaments

Jungle Jewelry comes from Costa Rica. holes are made in many beautiful varieties of seeds, creating "seed beads" which are used for the Jungle Jewelry line of earrings, necklaces, "World Unity Bracelets" and the famous Jungle Jewelry Kits.

Artisans in Amazonia use the ivory-like tagua nut to create unique hanging ornaments, in simpler carved styles or cutout styles

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Edibles and Fund Raisers

All but one of our fund-raiser products are edible. They include: Yachana Jungle Chocolate in four flavors ("the world's purest, most flavorful chocolate"), Glee Gum (with real rainforest chicle!), kits to make your own chocolate or gum, and triple-certified coffee.

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Holiday and Seasonal

For those who celebrate Christmas, we offer not just one, but two wooden nativity sets from Madagascar, and a unique balata rubber nativity set from Guyana, as well as some elegant carved ornaments from Amazonia, in simple carved styles or cutout styles.

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