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Products: Holiday and Seasonal



Whimsical animals made from renewable Buri palm fiber. Over 350 individual items, including ornaments, figures, magnets, pencils, a complete Nativity set, and a 3' display tree. Find your mascot or start a collection.

Ornaments retail for $6.50, and suggested retail prices for figures range from $6 to $30, depending on size. lots of details



tagua moon ornament

Beautifully carved tagua shape ornaments. details

Christmas ornaments carved from tagua nuts

Unique tagua Christmas cutout ornaments. details


Christmas Nativity Creches

Wooden creche
- two styles

Wooden Christmas creche from Madgascar. Two styles. Style 1 details Style 2 details

Lovely Christmas CrŽche
made from kanuku rubber

Intriguing Christmas creche made from balata rubber. details


Raffia Bags

We also have seasonal versions of some of our popular raffia bags. Below is an image of one of our product line sheets; please call us for details and prices or to get glossy paper copies of any of our line sheets.

raffia bags line sheet image

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