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Products: Toys & Kits

educational, fun, and fascinating

Educational, fun, and beautiful products made by real people from the rainforest areas of the world.

Seed Kits

seed kits from Costa Rica

We have three different seed kits


Kanuku Rubber

Kanuku rubber chess setFrom Guyana comes a truly wonderful group of products made from natural balata rubber. The Noah's ark animals, chess set figures, and nativity set characters and animals are individually hand-made quickly, while the rubber cools. Our images don't do justice (at the moment) to the beguiling detail and personality present in every piece. details.


Musical Instruments

This is a group photo of some of our musical instruments from Madagascar. For details, prices, or a glossy paper copy of this line sheet, please call or e-mail us.

group photo of musical instruments from Madagascar


Other Products

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