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Products: Edible / Fund-Raisers

All of our products can be used for fund-raisers. The items in this section are particularly recommended because they are consumables, and can be re-ordered year after year.

Our Fund-Raisers information page contains information on how our fund-raisers work with your organization. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Costa Little Ricky coffee

Costa Little Ricky fair trade coffee bean blend. Triple-certified details

Glee gum in individual packs

Glee gum by the pack - the only gum you're likely to find made from real chicle details


Costa Little Ricky coffee, decaf version

Costa Little Ricky coffee, decaf version. Triple-certified

Glee gum case

Glee gum by the case (12 packs per case)


Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot Cocoa Mix by Equal Exchange details

make your own chocolate and gum kits

Make your own Chocolate and Gum kits


yachana pure chocolate

Yachana pure jungle chocolate, made from naturally-sweetened, coarsely-cracked and slow-roasted cacao beans. Four flavors:
Macadamia Nut
Brazil Nut and Coffee
Raisin and Coconut

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