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Products: Stationery

Hand-made Antaimoro paper from Madagascar.

Each sheet is decorated by hand with fresh flowers and leaves.

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Retailers, please feel free to call to get a glossy paper product sheet mailed to you.

Product pricing

(incomplete listing; please call for more information.)

P3P 8 sheets of paper/env.$15.95     P16 5x7 Crd/env.(Ind.)$2.80
P5 Thank-You/Invit.crds.env$5.25 P31N 4X6 Nat. Collage(Ind.)$2.50
P6 Gift Tags$5.25 P10A Pyram.Gift Box(mini)$1.50
P7 Gift Bags$7.25 P10B Hexag.Gift Box(mini)-$1.50
P12P Wine Bags(petals)$6.00 P18 25 Sheets(lttr)$11.25
P12F Win Bags(flowers)$6.00 P19 25 Envlopes(lttr)$10.45
P15F 5Crds/env$12.00

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