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Decor & Furniture: Alamex

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Five Fish String JM-18

Angel Fish String JC12

Angel Fish JM-6

Black & White Grouper JM-8

Bass JM-1

Cobey JM-12


Mackerel ALA JM-13

Snapper JM-15

Split Tail JM-2

Parrot Fish ALA JM-14

Sun and Moon JMH-19

Sun JMH-1


Red Chili String CS-1

Mixed Chili String CS-2M

Fruit String FS-1


Toucan JM-24

Quetzal ALA JM-23

Cockatoo ALA JM-21


Parrot JM-22

Gator Mvc-718

Fish Mvc-714

About these products

Alamex Crafts is a line of bright and colorful papier mache and plaster of paris fish strings and wall plaques from the beautiful central Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende. This area of Mexico has a wonderful tradition of crafts and is a region with an abundance of talent.

Many Uses

The hand-painted, lightweight, and fun papier mache strings are ideal for decorating a home or patio. Fish strings are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Fruits, chiles and vegetables come in different assortments. Wall plaques are brightly painted images of your favorite animals and images. Perfect for children's rooms, dens, kitchens and restaurants. Custom designs are also available (minimum order required and 3 months delivery).

Strings and plaques can hang outdoors as long as they are protected from direct rain. All crafts are sealed with lacquer and will not fade if exposed to direct sunlight. Hooks are attached so you can hang them from ceilings, posts, or in windows -- they are real eye-catchers!


Papier mache fits well our desire to promote sustainable craft development, since it uses recycled newspaper and low impact materials. A percentage of sales from these products will be used to support biodiversity conservation and environmental education projects in the mega-diverse country of Mexico.

Pricing Overview

Product Size Suggested Retail
Animal and Fish Plaques ~1-2.5ft. x 6-10" long $17.95
Butterfly Strings ~20" long $29.95
Fish Strings ~36" long $25.95
Vegies, Chilis and Fruits ~30" long $24.95
Haitian Animal Figures 12-15" long $29.95

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