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Decor & Furniture: Solid Wood Outdoor Furniture

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Folding Chair (7 positions)

Square Coffee Table


Buganbilla Folding Chair

Rectangular Coffee Table


Guembe Folding Chair

Flamboyan Bench


Guembe Arm Chair

Folding Lounger


Dining Table

Bolivian Forest Products

46% of Bolivia is forest. The government of Bolivia has committed itself to the principles of sustainable forest management by declaring that it will be the leader in certified forests, and these forests currently exceed 1 million hectares.

The landscape of Bolivia is characterized by a diversity of ecosystems. Forests stretch from the Andean Mountains to the lowland humid forests that start the Amazon basin and stretch eastward for thousands of miles. 260 species of trees have been identified in these forests, and 40 exhibit excellent physical and mechanical properties for making high quality furniture.

Outstanding furniture

We bring you the best examples of outdoor furniture, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as harvested from sustainably managed tropical forests. Rigid environmental standards and annual audits guarantee the chain of custody from the forest to your porch, that each piece is certified as to its origin, its harvest and production. Great attention has been given to quality of design, manufacture and hardware.

These chairs, tables, and benches are offered in several wood species and colors, with a natural finish or UV protected. They are packaged for easy shipping with simple instructions for their assembly.

Join the exciting revolution that is occurring world-wide and be the first in your neighborhood to have FSC stamped furniture.

By supporting these products you are contributing to the health of our global forest resources for future generations as well as taking home a fine treasure that will be used and cherished by your family for generations.

Options and Details

Available wood colors:

  • Amazonian Cherry
    (“Paquio” or jatoba sp. commonly referred to as "Brazilian Cherry").
  • Amazonian Oak
    (“Tajibo” or “Ipe Lapacho” is one of the strongest, most durable woods known to mankind. "Ipe" has a specific density of .97 and carries the same fire rating as concrete-- 25 years!).

100% satisfaction guarantee. 90 day warranty on parts and manufacture.
Shipping and carbon emission transportation fee will be added.

Add an additional $25 per unit for UV treatment, guaranteed to seal the wood and preserve its radiant wood color for 1 year (under normal outdoor conditions).

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