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Bags & Hats: Toquilla and Caņaflecha hats and bags from Colombia

"Rice Fleck" Braided Hat

Striped Braided Hat

Long-Handled Bag with Flap

Shoulder Bag with Flap

Night Bag with Two Stripes

Medium Rectangle Bag

Hourglass Bag

Small Rectangle Bag

About these products

Forests of the World is proud to be one of the first importers to the United States of a unique collection of accessories, hand made from natural and durable fibers, such as "caņaflecha," "damagua," and "iraca" or "toquilla" Some of the accessories are from world-class designers, lovingly hand-crafted, unique and individual.


Caņaflecha is a natural fiber art form of Colombia, South America, and, like the other fibers in our collection, is made from a renewable material that can be sustainably harvested using a management plan. Crafts made from Caņaflecha are sold almost exclusively within Colombia, with very little export.

Colombia is reknowned for its fine leather handbags and excellent design schools. Working with The Forest Foundation on design, production and quality issues, the artisans have developed a beautiful line of "Caņaflecha" bags, hats, purses and jewelry for international markets.

We have an entire web page devoted to Colombia and how our caņaflecha products are made.

The Forest Area

Please read our page on Colombia to find out more about this beautiful place and the wildlife species who call it home.

World map showing ColombiaYour purchase of these fairly-traded value-added finished goods creates incentives to keep Colombian forests standing. Proceeds from sales will also support The Forest Foundation and their efforts to nurture artistic traditions, provide employment, and promote conservation.

Products of Peace- Opportunity through Sustainable Development!

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