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Bags & Hats: Juice Box Bags

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From the Philippines

The Story

The KILUS Foundation is a cooperative of more than 500 women from Pasig City, Philippines formed in 1999. Their objective is to recycle non-biodegradable items, such as juice boxes, into attractive, profitable products including colorful handbags and accessories. KILUS currently provides a livelihood to 200 families, helping to generate much-needed income for basic living expenses and education.

Working with other local community leaders, KILUS campaigned for households to separate and sell their recyclables to KILUS. The local council provided pushcarts and weighing scales and, as well, established an Ecology Center. It was this partnership between community leaders and the KILUS cooperative that lead to Pasig City being awarded first place as the cleanest and greenest township.

They organize 15 pushcarts that visit households to collect used food and beverage packaging that would otherwise clog water bodies, drainage systems, and landfills. They sanitize these materials and transform them into over 40,000 products per month. KILUS has partnered with the local municipal solid waste management department to make a huge difference in keeping their community clean and green.

Of the all the items collected for recycling, the ones that attracted their attention were the colorful juice boxes. These discarded drink containers became the raw material for various bags, finding new life as cheerful accessories.

The project was started with very few members, yet has the potential to grow and help many more in need of income. Purchasing these fairly traded juice bags and accessories directly supports this cooperative.

Price List

Suggested retail prices range from $5 to $32.

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