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Brazil Nut Candles

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    This candle is made from the pod of a Brazil Nut tree collected in the Amazon Rain Forest of Peru. The pod originally contained Brazil Nuts which are harvested and sold in the local market. During this off-season the pods are made into candles providing harvesters with additional income. About 10-15 nuts fit inside the pod like slices of grapefruit. The tree is an emergent canopy species, towering to heights over 40 meters. Agoutis(Dasyprocta sp.) are important seed dispersers that have hard enough teeth to eat through the pod, collecting and hoarding the nuts. This Brazil Nut candle is handmade from a renewable resource. Your purchase helps to add value to these important resources and protect the forest for future generations. Proceeds support Conservation International. For friends or family, a great handcrafted gift that gives twice!

Comes from: Peru


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